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Top Tips For 2017 On Recognising Central Factors For Online Fashion

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"Brick and mortar is declining as online transactions are growing," she said. "And those retailers that are growing are focusing on the online market." ▪ Walmart: About 15 year ago, Sears was the number one retailer in the country. But it has been eclipsed by Walmart. "And today, Walmart is second in online sales, even though they are far behind Amazon," Edwards said. ▪ Women's apparel: Sears never got any traction in women's apparel, especially in young women's apparel, Edwards said. In surveys with young women, Sears apparel is ranked near the bottom with Goodwill, Edwards said, and sometimes below Goodwill. "They are not marketing to or not catering to the apparel market," she said. "If you lose the apparel customer that's a really bad thing." ▪ Real estate: Sears is heavy in real estate. "For so many years they were the largest retailers in the world, so they owned most of their stores," Edwards said.

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