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Peter Manning , whos not much shorter than the average 510 American man, describes buying clothes as such: Shopping was a dispiriting and unhappy experience. Simply put, I couldn't find a pair of pants that fit. Its a problem that plagues any guy who doesnt meet the lofty heights that the fashion industry expects of them. Clothes are generally designed for guys that are 6-foot, says Steven Mazur, cofounder of Ash & Anvil , a brand that makes clothing designed specifically for men under 58. If you go to most major retailers websites and see the photos of the models, it often says Model is wearing a small and hes 5'11"' or Model is wearing a medium and he's 6'1, says Mazur. Fitting clothing around 6-foot-tall men just doesn't make a ton of sense. In reality, the guys reaching for a small aren't beanstalks. Like Manning, Mazur and his cofounder Eric Huang couldnt find clothes that properly fit their bodies, so they started making their own. Both note that about a third of the population in the US or 30 million men are under 58 and without many good clothing options for their height. When sizing clothes down, it takes more than just going from a medium to small at your local retailer, Manning says. We rethink everything: pocket placement, pocket size, button stance, sleeve width, cuff lengths, he explains. A small from another brand could be a 6-foot-tall skinny guy, so that small can be quite long in the sleeve and the length. Mazur points out that at traditional retailers, sleeves and body length may jump two or three inches with each size.

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