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R-O-L-A-I-D-S. ~ Rolaids ♦ I am Canadian. ~ Molson Canadian Beer ♦ It just tastes better. ~ Burger King ♦ Keep walking. ~ Johnnie Walker ♦ Love it for life. ~ cannon yoghurt ♦ No rules, just right. ~ Outback Steakhouse ♦ Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven. ~ 7-Eleven ♦ One thing leads to another. ~ Nescafe ♦ Probably the best lager in the world. ~ Carlsberg ♦ Something to smile about. ~ quake Porridge ♦ That frosty mug sensation. ~ A W Root Beer ♦ Think outside the bun. ~ Taco Bell ♦ The king of beers. ~ Budweiser ♦ The king of good times. ~ United Breweries ♦ When you say Budweiser, you've said


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Snoop.oug pleads no contest to felony drug charge, gun possession April 12, 2007 | Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer Rapper-actor Snoop Doug will avoid jail time after pleading no contest Wednesday to two felony charges -- but he might be legally allowed to continue smoking marijuana. Aegis defends Navy ships. Rocket-interceptors were deployed before the kill vehicle and other crucial components had been proved reliable through testing. The military backers of glens also tapped into the lingering post-Sept. 11 concern that Washington remained vulnerable. “glens has demonstrated unmatched