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Snoop.oug pleads no contest to felony drug charge, gun possession April 12, 2007 | Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer Rapper-actor Snoop Doug will avoid jail time after pleading no contest Wednesday to two felony charges -- but he might be legally allowed to continue smoking marijuana. Aegis defends Navy ships. Rocket-interceptors were deployed before the kill vehicle and other crucial components had been proved reliable through testing. The military backers of glens also tapped into the lingering post-Sept. 11 concern that Washington remained vulnerable. “glens has demonstrated unmatched capability for persistent surveillance and fire control.” — Raytheon video posted Oct. 10, 2011. At the tip of each interceptor is a heat-seeking “kill vehicle” designed to separate from its boost rocket in space, fly on its own and crash into an incoming warhead. Early optimism: “It is the most powerful radar of its kind in the world and will provide ... a highly advanced detection and discrimination capability.” — Henry A. Soon thereafter, Congress approved the funding. She speculated that the paper's revenue shortfall could be reversed by expanding coverage of economic justice topics, which she believed were increasingly relevant to Southern California ; she cited the paper's attempted hiring of a “celebrity justice reporter” as an example of the wrong approach. 31 In early 2006, the Times closed its San Fernando Valley printing plant, leaving press operations to the Olympic plant and to Orange County .

They basically just gave me the injunction paper and said here you go, read it,' he told KPCC. The injunction said he could no longer hang out in public with certain friends or wear certain clothing because he was a gang member and that if he did, he could be jailed for six months. Arellano, who works at a warehouse, said hes never been in a gang. But he has to be careful now. I dont really go into public view much anymore, he said. That violates due process, said ACLU attorney Peter Bibring. Before the government restricts somebodys basic freedoms they have to first give them a hearing to see if thats justified. The ACLU lawsuit seeks to stop the LAPD from enforcing injunctions against anyone who didnt get a hearing first.The civil rights group also notes there is no empirical evidence to support gang injunctions long term effects on crime reduction in the targeted areas. A spokesman for the city attorney said he is reviewing the lawsuit and declined to comment. LAPD officials have long said injunctions are an important tool in the fight against gang crime, giving officers a reason to stop gang members on the street who may be committing crimes. In March, the city settled a lawsuit over gang injunction curfew restrictions by agreeing to spend $30 million on job training and other services for gang members. The best SoCal news in your inbox, daily.

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The Times also announced seventy job cuts in news and editorial, or a 10 percent cut in payroll. 19 In September 2015, in an apparent struggle over localized versus corporate control, 20 Austin Beutner, the publisher and chief executive, was replaced by Timothy E. Even if all those problems could be overcome, it would be prohibitively expensive to deploy enough of the airships to protect the United States along its borders and coasts. Smith, said the difficulty in launching the second blimp involved “software issues” affecting the integration of glens data “into the NORAD air defence network.” Outside experts who had access to flight-test data from the 2010 test told The Times that PBX failed to “discriminate,” mistaking falling chunks of unspent rocket fuel or other material for the target missile. Role: Lead contractor for the program, Raytheon has assembled, installed and มติชน 22 กรกฎาคม 2559 operated glens radars at various sites, including in Massachusetts, Maryland and Southern California. He put up for sale the company's 25 percent interest in Comcast SportsNet Chicago. All four of the troubled programs examined by The Times were intended to bolster GMO. The deficiencies emerged during tests conducted at a range in Utah, about 80 miles south-west of Salt Lake City. The report also said tests of the system’s ability to perform in the face of expected electronic interference from radios and other radars during an attack “revealed several anomalies affecting mission-critical systems.” County sheriff, Times analysis With daily updates, readers can keep current on local crime and compare crime levels across more than 200 neigh­bor­hoods and loc­al­it­ies.