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It takes inner fortitude to focus on what you have to do rather than running out to have fun. When the Sun is in Virgo, it's the gentle mother taking her hand to your chin and redirecting you to the tasks you have to do in daily life. She's asking you to pay attention to what you need to do vs the fun you want to have. She's saying to find pleasure in the process and to take joy in the journey of productivity. Virgo understands Taurus because they are kindred types. Taurus, as an earth zodiac sign, is the fixed form of Virgo's mutable one. Virgo has learned to master the fixed and focused mindset of Taurus, and she's also learned to be adaptable to each situation. Where Taurus is too stubborn to make a change. Perhaps this is why she's represented by the wise Hermit tarot card which asks you to extend wisdom from your inner life experiences.  This begins a transit where your energy won't feel depleted by daily life, instead, you can feel a sense of purpose, productivity, and accomplishment. There's space to have fun and enjoy the good things in life, as Taurus is ruled by Venus and enjoys beauty.

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