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F*ck outta here dawg,” another Twitter user wrote . “If your man wears these it is time to trade her in for a real man,” another Tweet said. But if you don’t like your men in pastel lace daywear, you’re actually incredibly problematic, others have suggested. In Allure , writer Crystal Tate praised the shorts, interpreting them as a sign that society is one step closer to breaking gendered strangleholds on fashion. “We have a long way to go when it comes to fully embracing the shift in what men’s and women’s clothing looks like. … Newsflash: Fashion is about personal choice, and there’s NOTHING wrong with men choosing what they choose. The fact that people are actually upset by this (and still using the phrase ‘real man’) proves that we definitely have a lot of thinking to do about our perceptions of which clothes are ‘appropriate’ for people of any gender,” Tate wrote. Teen Vogue—which has become increasingly activist about gender and sexual identity— said there was nothing wrong with the look, then groaned about the “very nasty” social-media users who considered them unmanly. “Like one romphim wearer said about his style, don’t let anyone else’s fragile masculinity deter you from being your best self,” Teen Vogue wrote. And at Bustle, writer Amanda Richards notes that pastel lace shorts aren’t a women’s fashion trend.

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#FridayFeeling Why are some women so mean to other women? You realize we are made in a similar fashion and it fucking hurts..or don't you?

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